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08-20-2014, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by henchman24 View Post
My company uses Google for everything as well... I freaking hate it! My work computer works okay with Google app sync, but everything else is always a mess because if you use your phone or tablet for anything it doesn't sync correctly and all sorts of weird errors happen when I log back into my work computer. I don't mind gmail for my personal email, but for my work email it is absolutely terrible so I refuse to make the switch from Outlook.

I don't think many companies would be using gmail as their email client if it wasn't so damn cheap to use Google for that and everything else that comes with it. Microsoft is crazy expensive when you get a bunch of users, and Google is pennies on the dollar in comparison.
It's not the price, but rather that it's Google. My company is California based and is SaaS based. So it was a natural fit in 2006 when they were founded (Gmail was at its height) and Microsoft were being idiots.

But today it's barely improved, just become more entrenched in their organization.

I have a lot of filtering ahead of me to get this inbox tolerable. It's pretty ridiculous the lengths Google goes to be incompatible with Microsoft products, despite the years Google fed off Microsoft for its existence. They've really turned into the evil corporation they portrayed Microsoft as in their early days.

Oh well, time to adapt and overcome. At least I can use exchange, that's more than I expected.

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