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04-13-2007, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by bilros View Post
This proves my point, heīs nowhere near what he was in Denver.

Back then he was the most dominant & complete player Iīve ever seen, despite being the most abused hockeyplayer in modern time.

Gretz & Mario had a better offense, way better. But when it comes to a complete game and total domination in all aspects of the game, they canīt compete with him. Fedorov & Lindros was sorta kinda close during their peaks, but still not close enough to start a debate about it.

What made him lose the step and acceleration so incredibly much? It canīt all be age or injuries, it must be a combo..

Anyway, a true hockeywarrior. Hope they send the Sharks golfing, they shouldīve won the game last night..
I thought you were annoying before, but just made my ignore list.

Foppa more dominant than Gretz and Mario or Lindros at his peak?! I seriously doubt you're old enough to have an informed opinion, so I'll just assume you're full of it rather than stupid.

Yah, Foppa was more physical than Gretz, but Mario was a beast. Did you ever actually see Mario play in his prime? Including Gretz, I have never seen a forward who could singlehandedly win a game the way Mario could in his prime. You simply could not take the puck from him. He was too big and way too skilled. Foppa, as great as he was, is a crappy version of Mario.

And Lindros at his peak...granted, that peak lasted maybe two seasons, but he was by far the most feared player in the league at that time. He could knock you senseless, deke you out of your shoes, drop a perfect pass, slap one in from 20 feet out or kick the living ***** out of you. Did Foppa dominate in all areas the way Lindros did? Foppa was a great 2-way player and a great playmaker, but his goal-scoring has always been overrated and no way was he nearly as intimidating as Mario or Big E.

You should watch more hockey and offer your worthless opinions less.

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