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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Here's the thought process behind the proposal..Let's say that we are interested in both the 5th and Eminger.

Prucha is a nice little player and the 50 goals over the last 2 season are very impressive when you look at where he's been playing this year (pretty much on every line at one time or another) but even with that said, he alone will not get the pick.
Prucha is more then a "nice little player" he alone shouldn't be offered for the 5th overall pick...he shouldn't be part of that package....If he was part of a package to get the 5th overall pick it shouldn't include Hossa...It shouldn't include another young top 6 player..

Also saying you can't trade Prucha for the 5th pick alone isn't a reason enough to make the trade...

Unless the Rangers are in love with a player at the 5th spot they shouldn't get involved in trading for an UNPROVEN player that is at least two years away...this isn't a rebuild the start of next season it will be the start of the 4th season for the organization since the purge of 03/04...the team did a good job getting young players...they are now in a postion this offseason to trade for proven players not unproven players...GASP...maybe even a youth for a veteran move...

Hossa, as much as he has started to break through this year is still a medicore player that has greatly benefitted from playing with Jagr and Nylander (remember even Isbister looked good in that role) so implying he's all of a sudden to good to be dealt is a bit short sighted.
Hossa has never been a medicore player. Even when he wasn't scoring he helped the team in other areas. How many other players can we say benefited from playing with Jagr and Nylander? Can we say Shanny benefited from playing with Jagr and Nylander on the power play? Isbister did look good but did he score with those guys? No he didn't Hossa has...Hossa has also played well in other areas...he drives to the net now...he shoots now...he kills penalties (as he always has) and his presence makes the lineup deeper...It's nice to see a player develop here...It's nice to see two in the case of Prucha AND Hossa..yet you want to trade them for an unproven player and a 4th/5th makes no sense..

Pock has emerged as a solid 5th/6th/7th defenceman which is how he will be used. He's a depth guy and not one that is really going to be the key difference in winning or losing.
Pock is a depth guy a throw in to your suspect proposal..Pock can come or go as far as i'm concerned..He is soon to be passed by guys like Sauer and Staal..

OK, with that out of the way

Prucha is going to be replaced in the line-up by one of Dubinsky or Bourret.

Hossa's presence on the team or lack thereof has already been demonstrated as being a non-factor in that we never skipped a beat afte rhe went down with the knee injury. He's not a loss if dealt and not a player we would miss if not in the line-up. To me that is using an asset very wisely.

Pock, manning the 5/6/7 D spot is pretty much keeping that warm for a guy like Staal or Sauer or Sanguinetti. He's signed for 2 more years but I highly doubt that he's in the long-term plans.
Why is it Prucha that's going to be replaced by Dubinsky Bourret or any other kid? Why can't it be a guy like oh i don;t know...lets guess the player i'm talking about...

he makes 4 million a year

he has trouble scoring at even strength..

he looks and plays his age now..

he is overrated by Rangers fans..

his best years are clearly behind him..

A player the rangers didn't miss abeat without...

oh yeah that's right Broadway Brendan..If the Rangers don't resign shanny and drop Ortmeyer that's two spots next season for kids to fight over...Two roster spots..lineup spots..Why does it have to be Prucha and Hossa that get moved? Why does it have to be 2 out of 3 young players playing on the top 3 lines? This isn't 98-04 anymore..

Also lets say the Rangers do trade Prucha and Hossa in this deal...How do you know the spots would even go to a kid? Do you honestly think the Rangers would just sit back and let the spots go to kids? It's alot to ask of a team coming off two playoff spots..

Saying the Rangers didn't miss abeat without Hossa is fine...but they also didn't miss a beat without Shanny and Tyutin...right? I mean if you are going to use that logic can u apply it to the other injured players...It's only fair..right?

I don't disagree about Pock and his value/role...

Eminger is a better defenceman than Pock in every facet today, add to it the fact that he's actually younger than Pock with higher upside and getting him included in this deal would be a steal for the Rangers.
We don't know how Eminger would fit on this team...He would be behind Rozsival, Tyutin, Girardi, and Mara on the depth chart..With Malik and possible Rachunek coming back not to mention Baranka, Staal, and Sauer on the way..Defense isn't a need right now for this team...
The 5th overall pick. While some have stated that this years draft pool isn't that deep, the caveat is usually added that after the first 5-10 picks there's a significant drop off in talent. Getting the 5th overall choice in this years draft would provide the Rangers the potential opportunity to grab a player like Kane, Voracek, Cherepanov, Van Riemsdyk, Gagner, Coutoure, Esposito, Turris.
Best case scenario (and all i know abou this draft is what i've read) these kids are two years don't trade two top 6 forwards for one possible top 6 just don't do it..
Each of those prospects are of the higher tier talents out there and quite a few of them have higher ceilings of any prospect we have in the system right now (save Staal and Montoya)
Big deal...Prospects are overrated to begin with...especially in a draft year...This isn't the 03 draft here...It's a draft with depth but not many future superstars (again from what i've read)

The fact is we are still lacking that top end prospect at the forward position that can set up our scoring wingers in Callahan and Bourret and Dawes and Jessiman. I like Dubinsky as much as the next poster does, but he's a 2nd/3rd line center in the making. We are in need of a top notch playmaking center the likes of which out system does not have.
The Rangers system could have a first line player...If they sign either Gomez, Briere, or Drury this offseason...I also disagree that they don't have any top end prospects at the forward postion..Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes, Ansimov, Bourret, and countless others might be better then projected..Does Callahan look like a top 6 forward to you at just 22 years old? he does to me...he is only going to get better..Would it be nice to add a young blue chip forward to the pool? yeah, of course it will but not at the expense of TWO YOUNG PROVEN FORWARDS...that's just crazy..

Not looking to rush anyone out the door but if offered the opportunity to move some assets that we are deep in for assets we are not deep in, I think that the choice is easy.
I disagree....I don't think that's what the Rangers would be doing...The Rangers would be taking a step backwards as an organization if they made this makes no sense...

I would have a BIG problem trading this much young talent to the eastern conferance foe...u basically just traded them a second line...why strengthen this team...let another team make a dumb move like this...

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