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Originally Posted by 007 View Post
Guys, go easy on london ranger, he's not some rookie. Just to be a hockey fan in England is tough enough, you have to be very dedicated. I had real trouble staying up until 3:00, 4:00 in the morning to watch ANY of the Stanley Cup Finals when I was in London last year.

Sorry to talk for you, london ranger, but I'm guessing this is the first time you've seen Dupuis play this year. Think about it, guys, if all you had to go on for Dupuis is what you saw last night, you'd be kind of shocked, too. He had a hell of a game.

Excuse my dear boy - please don't patronize me.

You ought to be careful things are not always what they seem. I was posting in this here site for far longer than you
but that's nor here nor there.

I have played pro hockey both in Europe and North America and I have playerd with Stanley Cup winners, Olympic gold medallists and World Champions, and owned a pro hockey franchise and coached an Elite hockey team. So I reckon I have a decent grip on what hockey is all about.

I have seen Dupuis play with Wild and I liked him then and I liked what I of him last night. I have seen Avery play in LA and impressive - he was not , and all of a sudden he can't do no wrong playing for us. Dupuis is an accomplished NHL player - 28 with 6 years in the in league playing for a very demanding coach. End of story. .

It is not like the Rangers have a history of grooming talent in numbers. NYR has is and always has been a talent

Bourret shmourret - he is no Crosby and I am seeing how much ice time in the show Jarkko Immonen is getting. Not exactly a lot. So Dupuis is a better hockey player than Ortmeyer, Orr, Isbister, Hollweg and (possibly Cullen) and that's a fact.

It's a question of getting a solid player now vs getting a solid player maybe 2 years from now.

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