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04-14-2007, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
First off - again, great game tonight for the fans. It was intense and the Preds rightly deserved the win. NAS was more physical and the PK was unbelievable. To your comments, its not an automatic for Hartnell to get a suspension, and I doubt he will since the second ejection was not having his sweater tied down.

The instigator is seldom called at the end of the game - especially in a game as physical as this one. The players came together and fought. That's part of hockey.

What isn't part of hockey is the dirty hit Radulov made on Bernier. When I first saw the replay on FOX, it looked like an average boarding call with a bad outcome. I've seen worse where the players walk away and its just a boarding call. But if you review the TSN highlights, you'll see that Radulov left his feet. It wasn't the bang-bang play like Hartnell where everyone wondered about intent. That was a dirty hit made more obvious because he left his feet. That is going to cost him - and rightfully so - a couple games.

If the League doesn't act, and the refs do pocket the whistles as you mention, this will be a blood bath. I expect the refs are going to want to get this series back in control and expect to see even more penalties called in San Jose.
Your call on the hit is pretty fair. Unlike what many would have you believe, the boarding on Bernier was not a hit thrown by a 700 pound man at full speed. It was a dirty, cheap hit, but it was also a pretty average boarding play to say the least. What made this one stand out was Bernier being completely off balance and having his shoulder and head immediately hit the boards.

As for pocketing the whistles, this was not what I meant by my post at all. I absolutely do not want the whistles swallowed. I do want them to stop handing out game-misconducts on every play. The Predators, despite popular opinion after these two games, play some of the cleanest hockey in the wouldn't know it with all the controversy and misconducts being handed out through two games. Like I said earlier, I do not think the Predators have had two major penalties called on them in three years combined, but we have already had two called on us in the series. The first was a definite reach, the second is a matter of perspective. If its an elbow, there has to be intent....If its boarding, it automatic. I have no problem with the Radulov major due to the circumstances, but the Hartnell call was poor. This poor call combined with the idiocy of the officiating at the end of the game could cost the Preds one of their better forwards for several games. We will see what happens, but if Hartnell gets a 2 game suspension, it is all on the officials for incorrectly calling the brawl at the end of the game and handing out an intent to injure penalty on an incidental collision.

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