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04-14-2007, 11:03 AM
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I thought the video was funny, in the sense that I think the explotation of homeless people was funny (I am also a fan of bumfights). I'm not sure what tricking a couple of homeless guys into saying a marketing slogan proves though. If the organization is trying to lash out against the perceived bias against Southern hockey fans, why not cut out some of the gimmicky crap that goes on during every game at Philips? I'd drop the annoying ****** who comes on the screen during the first period to explain things that are obvious to anyone who has watched 5 minutes of hockey and/or rag on the other teams best players. Do Thrashers fans really need some guy on the jumbotron to tell them that it is important not to let Jagr score too many goals?

My roommate is a Thrashers fan, and I drove up with him for 3 Thrashers games this season (NYRx2 and Buffalo). While he and his buddies obviously have a good handle on the game, there were plenty of examples of people around me who didn't even know what icing was (I explained it), or one guy who didn't understand why anyone other than Hossa or Kovy was shooting the puck. (He literally would yell, "wrong guy" at the top of his lungs everytime someone had a scoring chance and Hank saved it.)

That being said, all the Thrasher fans I sat around were polite (I cheered when the Rangers did well but wasn't obnoxious about it.) and Phillips is a great place to watch a game. Oh, and I like the penalty box videos

All and all, I think it is great that Atlanta has a team, and I hope they succeed and make money. Based upon the attendance at the Buffalo game I went to this season, and the fact that Game 1 playoff tickets were still available long after they went on sale, I would say there is a lot of work left to be done.

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