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02-19-2004, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by VAN-HAB
his conduct??? besides the Ribs incident (and nobody knows exactly what happened) is there anything else??? Am I missing something? read the post on and you will disgusted, there is more than fan appreciation/non appreciation. I have never seen anything like that...shame for habs fans.
I rarely read the RDS stuff because people that write on it, can't even make a single sentence without a grammar mistake. And that makes me shiver. To think that grown ups can't spell...

As for the other incidents, well, lets just say that Koivu hasn't been a happy camper lately.

You see, beat writers in general have been pretty easy on the captain since the start of the season; it's been more the commentators that have been on his case. The beat writers are close to the team, to the players. Specially the older, more experienced ones. And they have been hinting lately that he's a pretty unpleasant customer. Which is, according to some, pretty much uncommon for the small fella. Did any of you know that Koivu had scrapes on the ice with Zednik and even (oh! my God) Rivet on the road? That's pretty symptomatic of someone who's not comfortable.

The beat writers have been hinting that Koivu was pretty frustrated with his utilisation on the PP, without writing it clearly.

Man, I've seen players get blasted by beat writers more than Koivu in my lifetime. Mike Lansing, does that ring a bell? Koivu is respected in the media confrérie. Because he's a trooper on the ice. His courage was never in doubt. His attitude, lately, was less than convincing, though.

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