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04-15-2007, 12:42 AM
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i would try a micron style or old plastic boot,for the first pair.they are kind of like ski boots if you've seen them.early skaters can have an ankle support issue in cheap skates.i would avoid figure skates ,but dont be afraid to have the figure skating club teach the lessons.younger kids can get used to skating by walking in roller blades on grass or carpet.i dont believe in skate pushers at all but rather putting in the 2 or three weeks of time with the child to gain the balance on the skates.(it can be tough but well worth it imho).a small pair of hockey pants that allow movement and some of the small roller blade elbow knee pads i would recommend also.some of the early falls can be discouraging without some padding. (full face helmet of course).if you teach the child yourself be sure to take extra care to use long strides and proper stance as you would be surprised how many kids skate exactly like there the child progresses be sure to put in the time on the backwards skating as well.finally if you take the child skating often he or she will progress very rapidly at this age but remember ,even if the child chases there friends or plays tag or kicks a ball etc,they are still gaining balance and agility because straight skating can become boring very fast. just my opinion,i'm sure you have very qualified instructors in your area.good luck.

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