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02-20-2004, 03:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Unthinkable
I'd actually say David Hale having watched every game both of them have played for NJ this season.

As for why the Devils would have any interest in Gonchar when they already have two great offensive blueliners in Nieds and Rafalski, I think the logic behind this lies in Lou's honest belief that Scott Stevens will be back for the playoffs and hence won't need to be replaced man for man with another punishing physical defender. I know there are plenty of folks both here and in the media writing Stevens off saying he's all done for the year, but its still premature to think this in my mind, until we hear his PCS symptoms are either staying the same or getting worse.

One thing that has to be bothering Lou and Pat both right now is the Devils continuing inability to get good hard shots on net from the point during power play opportunities right now which is something Gonchar could come in and do blindfolded. Rafalski's shot hasn't been cutting it outside of his goal in the All Star game skills competition and Paul Martin's offense on the PP has been mostly minimal outside of the one game a few nights ago where he was hot. If Lou brings in Gonchar and deals for a good goal scoring winger and center, the Devils will be in good shape.
I like your logic. Do you see Pat Burns giving up all that much youth for Gonchar?

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