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Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
I dont think Torres even was penalized on the play, but I dont remember for sure. The fact he was over at the bench talking to his mates tells you he didnt even get a minor for the play. I dont remember if the League handed out supplementary discipline either but they may have. The hit ended Michaleks series though. That I remember, and he had post-concussion syndrome for months as I recall.

But again, its not reasonable to presume that Chechoo or Bernier were laying on the ice to dress up an injury so as to get a Pred suspended, or that there is a League conspiracy so the Preds will lose and move to KC, or a directive from RW, or any such conspiracy. Neither player came back to the ice. They were unable to play. And specifically to that point - there is nobody in the press who questions Cheechoo or Berniers conditions. Why? Name any NHL'er that would lay on the ice and feign a serious injury, then not come back to play in the playoffs if they really could play? NHL players will play hurt. Cheechoo played about 50% in game 2. He played hurt. There was no miraculous recovery.

Think of it this way, do you honestly believe if the roles were reversed that Kairya would pretend he was more hurt than he was, so Clowe would get ejected? Its a bad trade. Karyia is one of the teams best players and he is a tough player too. He would let his own teammates down to not be on the ice. In the case of the Hartnell incident, you think Cheechoo as the teams top scorer, would lay on the trainers table with the game in OT? These guys are too accountable to each other to even consider that behavior.

Its all in how the Ref's call it and media covers it afterwards.

The Media latched onto the Hartnell hit and the Radulov hit after the referee's called the 5's. Now whether the media did that because of the whining done be both coaches that can be left up to debate, but

Clowe hit radulov from behind and got the 2 for boarding

Boogard kneed' Anaheim's Huskins really bad later that night (i believe) after the radulov hit and only got a 2 minute kneeing penalty

and then Schubert last night with the hit on Scuderi only got a 2 for boarding

no media outcry for either of those 3 IMO Dirty plays

but there was media outcry for the Hartnell/Radulov.......and for a clean hit on Eaves go figure

I place complete blame on Inconsistent Reffing which in turn implicates NHL Head office for their directives and on the Media

Like it or not the talking heads and the talking blimp head bob mckenzie influence NHL Head office

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