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02-20-2004, 08:53 AM
Mats NAslund
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Originally Posted by Habber
You should probably get your facts straight.

Theo's games played
1995-96 Montreal Canadiens 1
1996-97 Fredericton Canadiens 26
1996-97 Montreal Canadiens 16
1997-98 Fredericton Canadiens 53
1997-98 Montreal Canadiens 0 (3 playoff games)
1998-99 Montreal Canadiens 18
1998-99 Fredericton Canadiens 27
1999-00 Montreal Canadiens 30
2000-01 Quebec Citadelles 32
2000-01 Montreal Canadiens 59
2001-02 Montreal Canadiens 67
2002-03 Montreal Canadiens 57
2003-04 Montreal Canadiens 50

By my count thatís 6 seasons in the NHL and 124 games he played before he got a starting role and became a star. Garonís in his 4th season and has played 37. To even suggest that Garon is in the same league as a goaltender as Theo is ludicrous.

Look at Brodeur, he only won 2 of 12 after Christmas and wasnít playing great, so did Jersey abandon him? Of course not, they stuck with him and he won 5 of his next 6 starts. We have to do the same with Theo.

Theo has not been awful lately, he just hasnít been his usual self. Theoís play the last while has still been better than half the goalies in the league. There is only one way weíre going to make the playoffs, with Theo in the nets. Garon may become a great goalie, but his game isnít even close to the level of Theoís right now.

I agree a goalie must put in the time to become a good goalie...But Garon is good enough to play 30 games per year. Why isn't he given that chance as was Theodore in 1999-00 where he played in 30...Garon has appeard in 13 games this year only starting in 10. He should be playing more then that. Please don't compare Brodeur and Theodore, while Theodore is very good he's no Brodeur! Not yet!

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