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04-16-2007, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by 9teen7ty5 View Post
The entire VT administration should be fired. Anyone watching CNN right now and listening to their pathetic attempt to explain why they didn't lock down the campus after the first shooting was reported knows what I'm talking about.
They looked like idots up there, should have had someone prep them to look strong and do damage control.... they didnt and it showed big time...

Edit: you cant blame or not blame them at this point, it is still way too early, but their image did not come across and very convincing and strong which was a big big BIG mistake....

I know some people down there... finally got ahold of them and they were ok...

During the Noon Newscast I was directing today it was tough cause we kept going back to it and around that time is when they went from 1 to 22 confirmed deaths.... it was tough not to think about my friends down there but work is work and you gotta keep focused...

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