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04-16-2007, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk View Post
Let's hold off on laying blame untill all the facts are in..It's a known fact that shooter/bombers use school's warning and emergency plans against them in their planning and in some instances have infact planned on locked downs..and why lockdowns are frowned upon by some experts and often not advised as proceedure/policy....Add to that the huge and Spread out campus in Blacksburg,,..OTOH it could have been horrific incompetence by the Virginia Tech adminisration.....This will all come out in the next few days...And then there's the gun issue....God, what a tragedy

Anyway, It's secondary right now to the sensleless tragedy befalling so many families and friends...From a persoanl standpoint, it's a very somber day down here in VA...Persoanlly, I have two co-workers with kids down there (luckily, both fine) and my duaghter is already planning on going to VA Tech in another year..More immediate, she and we have at least 10-15 friends (and parents of friends) down there right now, some of which we have yet to hear news about...Saying our prayers..
Our prayers are with you and your family/friends.

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