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04-16-2007, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Balej20 View Post
The word that bothers me is "Believe." You don't make assumptions when people's lives are on the line. When there is a killer on the loose, you don't take chances. What would have been the harm in locking down the campus from anyone coming in, and evacuating anyone that was already in their dorms?

This happened before ANY class started. The campus only had dormers at the school. Commuters had not yet arrived. It would not have been hard to go to each dorm and tell everyone to get out. And it would have been very easy to shut the entrance gates as to not allow anyone else in.

They made a MAJOR mistake and their is no excuse.
You try locking down such a massive campus.. You have thousands of students all trying to get to safety, not to mention all of the media, police and fire people on the scene. Not to mention there is no precedent for a shooter to hide and wait a few hours before shooting again.

They said they split into two groups. One group was hunting down the shooter, the other tending to the wounded students. You simple could not lock down a campus that large.

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