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04-17-2007, 11:02 AM
Very slippery slope
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This is beyond ****ed up. I echo the sentimates of SBOB in this thread in that the college campus is really supposed to be considered one of the few real, bonafide safe havens you'll have in your life. And to have that violated to this extent... just unreal. I have a few friends at VT (all fine, checked in yesterday night with me) and man alive.. everyone there is just shaken up beyond belief.

My prayers go out to everyone's family who is effected by this. The words of one of the students father really brought me to tears.


The thing I have issue with now is not even a few hours after the news broke you already had idiotic groups blaming heavy music and video games. Why aren't we past the fact that maybe some people just suck at raising their kids? I find it disgusting that the moral majority is already trying to blame certain things for this senseless tragedy.

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