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04-17-2007, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Joe T Choker View Post
I have to agree ... what do they expect when every postseason its one and done and they don't make ALL changes necessary to help them achieve ... IF Trotz isn't fired after this one and done postseason ... its gonna be hard to justify paying what I pay
I dont get it, what do you want from what essentially is a team still in its infancy

You've finally got a high quality team and a system under you
and you've worked your way into the playoffs the last 3 years
so what if you've only made the first round

you've got expansion teams that cant even make the damn playoffs who've been around longer than you

you've got Original 6 teams in the pooper (Chicago)
you've got Original 6 teams that are in worse shape talent wise (Toronto, Montreal, Boston)

Nashville and SJ caught the roughest draw of any of the 16 teams in the playoffs and Nashville is riddled with injuries

Harts was hurt
Weber has that foot deal

Poille and Co. went out and made some intense moves at the deadline to help this team talent wise

is it his fault Sullivan and Erat are out?
did you want him to mortgage the entire future on a high name low talent rental player?
hell the best steal of the deadline was Sean Fudgin Avery.....

If Sully cant hack it anymore and is forced to retire from the back there are plenty of UFA's that can replace him
If sully heals over the summer, perfect

If they need to replace Trotz to get over the hump so be it
some coaches are builders, some are winners

The sheer negativity when the series is 2-1 after all that is astounding

Nut up my Pred Brethren

and thank your lucky stars you werent born a Leafs fan like me

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