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Originally Posted by vopatsrash View Post
I don't think Nashville is a great or even good sports town yet. I think you have to have solid corporate support to be a good sports town in this era and we don't have that.

The struggle of the Predators is one example. Vandy doesn't do very well at the box office, except for their hardcore fans and current bandwagon fans of their baseball team and when Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and UT play here in football and UK in b-ball. The Kats don't do particularly well. There are tons of hardcore UT football and UK basketball fans, but those teams aren't in this city. The (sold) empty seats at the Titans games the past few years is an example of how this is a growing sports city trying to find its identity.

I don't think Nashville is a bad sports city, either. I think Nashville's grade as a sports city is incomplete. We haven't really had time to turn over a generation yet. Once the kids who were 5-12 in 1997-1998 and grew up watching the Titans and Preds get degrees and jobs, affording tickets and infiltrating local corporations and potentially changing their sports investment culture and once they have kids that are raised as Preds fans, I think we'll see what kind of sports town nashville is. The jury is still out and I just hope the Preds are given enough time to see how the next generation goes.
When we beat the Colts towards the end of the season, there wasnt an empty seat in the house. There was 65,000 people there.

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