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Originally Posted by Habber
I feel exactly the same way. A board like this is a great way to share opinions and have thoughtful discussions about our team. This is the only place to have open and honest discussions without agendas like trying to sell papers or get better ratings.
I would like to point out that, though we aren't *pro* or *in the biz* in some way or another, I'm fairly convinced that more than a couple here have more knowledge that some of the supposedly knowledgeable people that appear on TV or are in print. There are some whose ideas I may not agree with but who seem far more educated and intelligent in their expression than some of the bozons we see regularly covering the Habs.

And that goes globally for the boards. There are more than a few who see the game far more intimitely than some of the so-called experts in the media. I know of at least one poster whose ideas have been incorporated into broadcasts and is directly responsible for more intelligent coverage.

Everyone has opinions and that's a healthy thing. The key is being able to express them without being rude or obnoxious and yet still acknowledging that they're just opinions and are not fact. This, unfortunately, is where much of the media lets the regular fan down. They use their position to advantage and put political and social commentary where they are neither required nor even acceptable.

That we can come to a place like this and express ourselves makes this medium one of the best available to the fan. Of course you'll never have everyone on the same page and there will be posters who use these boards much like they use the RDS Talkback pages, but in general I think most are willing to at least listen to anothers opinion.

And therein lies the most important part of the equation. They are opinions. Which means they are not fact. Which means, if you are really here to discuss and not just lecture, you have to have a mind open enough to listen, incorporate and expand upon what you hear. If you've frequented this site for any amount of time and haven't had your opinion change on anything, then perhaps this venue isn't for you. The wealth of information here is astounding and any one person who feels they know it all needs to examine their beliefs. If I could count the number of times I've acquired new knowledge that changed my opinions on things, I'd be a mathemetician instead of a writer (wannabe).

Jason Ward, for me, is the perfect example. I didn't see any use for him until I read and saw the opinions and views of others on this site. For me, at first, he was just a lump on skates, but now I see where he has a real use for the club. I may never be convinced that he's going to make a long career in the NHL, but short-term, my opinion has changed about the uses this player brings - and all because of reading and learning here. I'm quite sure I'd still be banging my head against the wall watching him play had I never found this place.

If I were to make one request, it would be for everyone to challenge their own beliefs. It's what makes us better fans and, in the end, better people. Only by consistently challenging ourselves do we truly learn - in this case about the team we all seem to love no matter the nonsense that surrounds them. If I came here with a closed mind and spouted off my game recaps with no acknowledgement of what others had to say, I'm quite sure almost no one would be reading them and I'd be on a lot of ignore lists. I learn, adapt, and I feel that because of all of you, I'm better at what I do.

This is where people like Red Fischer, Bob McKenzie, Pierre McGuire and others have a leg up on the common fan. They're willing to learn and admit mistakes. There are things that Bob has admitted to in here where he's made mistakes or mis-judgements. If he can do it - being a public figure - surely we can too.

If you ever want a future in the game, being malleable and open to everything is the key. I guarantee you Bob Gainey didn't get where he is by ignoring everyone else's opinions. It's plainly obvious this isn't the case, in fact: he kept Andre Savard on, hired Pierre Gauthier...he *knows* to surround himself with others that are extremely knowledgeable - and they will not agree on everything, that's for sure.

So enjoy these boards, learn the game while you're here, and keep an open mind while you discuss and debate. It's only by doing this that Hab fans will actually be worthy of that moniker, "most knowledgeable hockey fans".

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