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02-20-2004, 04:05 PM
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My 2 cents

I didn't want to post for several hours till I cooled off. The Koivu booing made me sick to hear and very violent towards others. Wow how disrespectful and careless towards a player that has so much over the years for this team. I'm also sick of hearing all the French/Anglo Ribs/Koivu talk and the countless trade rumors that never seem to happen. But that's just me and I'm not looking to start another thread about all this crap. Let the players play and try and enjoy the game, cause it may not be around next year. (not looking good for next year, imo)

What I do want to talk about is the Habs and the playoffs. Some things that stick out to me,

Ribs with 15 goals. Wow I was a big fan of his in his junior days, but I found him to have one of the weakest shots on the team. But he's currently tied for 2nd on the team in goals which is downright amazing to me. I must say I still have major doubts about Ribs in the playoffs, but his defensive zone play has improved a great deal. If he continues to get stronger physically, he will be even more effective.

Ryder 5 pts off scoring title. This kid never played a game in the NHL before this season, and he's only 5 pts behind Ribs for the team lead. I loved his wrist shot, but I can't get over how well he's passed the puck. He gets a ton of shots, hits often, and is good in his own end. It's great to see him having such a solid season.

Juggling line up. Only 1 player on the team has played in every game. Jan Bulis (who when we traded for him he was often injured) With, Ribs, Ryder, and Zednik all missing only 1 game. Only 3 players have played in 55 or more games (Rivet 59, Souray 57, and Quintal 55) That's a lot of line juggling for Julien, and I'd say he's done a solid job of getting different lines going. But hopefully next year we can have a more healthy lineup.

Dags is 2nd on the team in +/- +9 (tied with Ribs) How funny is that? He's so painful to watch skating, but yet he and Ribs are only 1 behind Brezzy for the team lead. I'm no fan of Dags, but I thought he played his best game last night as he went to the net and even threw the body. Could be a Kilger like player that just has to be sat out every now and then. I was wrong, as I didn't think he would last on the Habs, or that he and Ribs would play together due to the fact that they are so slow and bad in their own end. (goes to show what I know ) And I still think a line of Dags and Ribs will have trouble in the playoffs. I don't know what his future is, but if he keeps scoring, going to the net, and taking the body he will stay in the lineup.

Garon looked good, interesting to see who they go with Saturday, but it's good to know we have a solid backup in Garon who has won 4 straight.

Rivet has really turned it around, as I have always been tough on him as I don't think he's very skilled.

Breisebois may be having his best season as a Hab (I find I'm not yelling at the tv at him much at all) but I had flash backs when he turned the puck over last night in what could have been a major gaff. But his PP goal wiped it out, still he was soft on several clears on the PK, and that will hurt us as our PK has not been good lately.

Markov has stepped it up, as I thought he played a great game last night, maybe one of his best this season. Sorry to hear about the loss, he's one of my favorite players.

Komisarek I have not been overly impressed with until recently. He's thrown some big hits, which is great to see, and it's clear the kid has a ton of natural strength and abilities. I think he just needs to get more confidence and develop the mental side of the game, as he needs to think and react quicker, but I have high hopes for him next year/year after.

Sundstrom has been solid lately, even picking it up on offense. Good set of skills just looks disinterested at times.

Begin is the man! What an outstanding pickup by Gainey, as he addressed an important team need while giving up nothing in the process. I really like his game, and have been impressed with him all season.

Ward I was hoping for more offense out of him, but you got to love how hard he works. I hope next year he's more lucky in the injury department, and finds the back of the net a little more. I had him written off but he's becoming an important part of the team as well.

As for the playoffs, I really want to see us get in. We have 21 games left, so I'd say we need to win at least 12 of those games, as Buffalo is hot right now, and the Isles have a lot of talent. The good news sort of is that the Isles and Sabres play each other 2 times over the next few days.

We have what could be 2 major games against the Sabres at the end of the season. While we play the Isles once more. We lead the season series against the Isles but not against the Sabres if it comes down to that. It's going to be very interesting how things end up, but it's tough to read the posts around here whenever the team is doing bad, (way too negatitive) and when we win people go overboard with the teams success sometimes.

That's my rant/views.

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