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Originally Posted by Chiodos View Post
I really like Tootoo. His story is definately an interesting one. Tootoo was raised in the (either its in or really close to) arctic circle. He and his brother played hockey and icefished (they would catch the fish, throw them onto the ice, punch them, and eat them raw). His brother was the superior hockey player and both were on their way to becoming NHLers. But his brother became severely depressed and committed suicide. Tootoo has since then taken the oath to make it to the NHL and play for his brother.

You forget he's an underdog every time he throws the gloves.

From what i've heard (im not nearly old enough to know for sure so don't be retarded and flame me please) that he maybe could be thought of in the same kind of dirty playing as Claude Lemieux?

But about the Sharks/Predators games? That no-neck coach needs to lose some weight and stop his team from trying to kill careers with knee injuries... I really want the Sharks to kill Nashville with gritty class!
VS had a great documentary on the Tootoo Bros during the last playoffs. They are from way up north in Canada. The Northwest Territories is what they call it they dont name it like the other provinces. I have been Trout fishing up there. Beautiful country.

The Capitol of the Northwest Territories is called Yellowknife. An old Blues player Steve Durbano who was one of the crazier SOB's in the NHL when he played lived out his days up there. I saw that in an article in the Hockey News a few years back.

Tootoo definatly has the Claude Lemieux type attitiude and that is good for the game at times. He will need to pick up his scoring a bunch to be another Claude though.

Although guys like Tootoo are dirty at times that is their job and if they are on your team you like them a lot.

The anger between the two teams in this series is what has made it the best first round series so far in my opinion.

I have also been pleasantly suprised by the number of scraps in the first round series' this year.

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