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Originally Posted by 2ForRoughing View Post
Whatever, Kimzey. Don't tell me what I'm "failing to take into account" because that's typically arrogant of you.

OK; show me where you DID take his intangibles into account.
Call me arrogant if you want, I don't care. I'm still going to pick apart your posts if you post things that are blatantly incorrect or only show half the truth.

The TRUTH is; you are labeling Backes SOLELY on what you perceive his production to be(I'm not going to dispute your perceptions at this time). I'm sorry if you don't like this; but production is NOT the be-all-end-all of what defines a top 6 forward.

Look at somebody like Dallas Drake. Are you telling me that Drake wasn't one of our "Top 6 core forwards" on the 2002-2003 team? I Know FOR A FACT that the coaching staff at the time would disagree with you(heck; the Turnip would have disagreed with you this PAST season).

It's getting old. You have no more insight into Blues players than anyone else, don't act like you do.
Actually; I DO have more insight into Blues players than some on here(you included). I also admit to being totally outclassed by others here.

Either way; I'm not going to drudge this conversation into a flame war. If I were you, I'd stop with the personal attacks.

Intangibles and all don't make Backes a legit top 6 forward on a team with depth. If he's in a top 6 role, your team lacks depth. Pretty simple. He's a support, not core, player.
1) As I said before, I know FOR A FACT that the previous coaching staff for the Blues would disagree with this statment. Unless you're saying you know better than Joel Q this statement is flat out wrong.

2) As I also said before; Tell that to Dallas Drake. Dallas Drake's role on the 2002-2003 Blues team COMPLETELY undermines your premise. Drake regularly lined up on the 3rd line with Rucinsky and Cajanek that year and was considered the #1 "core" forward on the team by Joel Q. What line a player lines up on and what his status is in regards to the "core Top 6" are COMPLETELY seperate issues and any Junior coach could tell you that.

3) Put your projection for Backes in numbers. I'm not going to argue semantics with you; I want to know EXACTLY what type of production you think Backes is capable of at the NHL level. Until I know this; this conversation is over.

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