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Originally Posted by 2ForRoughing View Post
I have no doubt that he'll be a consistent 20 - 25 goal scorer and good for about 45 - 60 points per year.
1) What, you couldn't have just said this for me 4 posts ago and saved us both a lot of time?

2) There were 119 forwards in the NHL last year that scored 20 or more goals.

Divide that number among the 30 teams: each team had an average of Four (3.98 to be exact; but I'm trying to be nice) 20 goal scorers.

I repeat: based on this years stats each team had an average of FOUR(4) players that scored 20 goals.

Of this years PO teams; only Buffalo had more than 6 players that scored 20 goals(they had 7).

The Average number of 20 goal scorers per PO team was 4.75(note; I'm being nice and counting Dan Boyle as a 20 goal scorer).

In the Western Conference:
Nashville lead the way with 6 forwards with 20 goals(small note; only 3 teams in the entire NHL had 6 players with 20 goals; Buffalo, Nashville and (believe it or not) the Islanders).

The Average number of 20 goal scorers per Western Conference PO team was 4.5.

Being a 20 goal forward makes Backes a top 6 forward BY DEFAULT. When you further add his intangibles it is ludicrous to suggest that Backes ISN'T a top 6 forward. He may be more on the 5/6 end of things; but that is irrelevant to this discussion.

3) Might I suggest that you go look at Doan's career stats.

Here's a hint: The guy has only hit the 30 mark once and has routinely been closer to the 25 goal mark.

I'd suggest you re-think your assessment of Doan. He's not half the player he's hyped up to be.

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