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04-18-2007, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by braindead View Post

These boards aren't really an appropriate measure of fan support for the Preds or any other team. There are several teams that have virtually no representation on HF presumably because they use the team sponsored boards or other dedicated sites. The Preds team sponsored boards have seen an exponential increase since I first started visiting them in 1998 (to the point I don't go there anymore, in fact).

Also, I'm pretty certain that our HF posters are making every game they can make and working to convert the unwashed masses.

I think this is a difficult topic for an outsider to weigh in on without knowing the history of the conversations that we have had on this topic, the development of the franchise, the mood of the fanbase, views re organization's efforts, etc.
I apologize if you thought I was speaking about this Preds board specifically. This was a remark about the hfboards in general, and perhaps my own board (Sharks) in particular.

If you go to games yourself, then you and I are in the same boat. I believe you know what I mean by the frustration I feel when posters seem to bash the team on hfboards and don't even attend the games to see it live. TV just doesn't cut it. If you can't drive yet, fine, I feel and appreciate your enthusiam. But like I said, if you have the means, then you should be going. If you are going and telling people to go, then you are a true fan and I commend you all. It's all you can do as an individual fan and I believe that the fans in attendance at the games don't feel that the team is in dire straits.

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