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04-18-2007, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by 2ForRoughing View Post
Backes certainly had solid flashes last year and moments when he displayed a nice skill set including a good shot and nice hands around the net. I have no doubt that he'll be a consistent 20 - 25 goal scorer and good for about 45 - 60 points per year. I also have no doubt that he'll be a good character player for the Blues. I'm very fond of Backes as an outstanding depth player for the Blues but I simply do not see the high end skill associated with being a true top 6 forward at the NHL level. His hands are good but don't make up for his lack of first step quickness. Jason Spezza can get away with being an average skater. Backes can't. Additionally his skating isn't so great to make up for essentially good but not truly high end hands. Doan he isn't. Doan has another set of jets to burn past defensemen that Backes lacks. Backes lacks one great aspect to his game, whether it be skating, or reads in the offensive zone or great playmaking skills or a truly great shot. He has nice skills and a great attitude apparently and works hard for the team. A nice addition to any team, but not a top 6 forward in a Cup worthy team with solid NHL level top end scoring and sufficient depth.
I'd just like to say I don't recall making any threats of any kind. I am not a violent person in the least bit and I mean no harm to any living creature although I hope George W. Bush stubs his toe and it hurts really freakin' bad. Other than that I didn't mean any inferred or explicit threats to come across in my post. Complete apologies if it was taken that way.
I simply asked that if the poster was going to continue to make a personal issue out of the topic that we move that aspect of it to a venue "off the boards." I was not referring to a physical confrontation in the real world at all.

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