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02-20-2004, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by G Man 77
I don't think what RDS did is the end of the world.

The embelished a story, a little. The two players had 2 seperate incidents where they got in each other's face.
At the end of the day we all got to see 1 of the 2 incidents for ourselves, thanks to RDS cameras, and decide for ourselves how serious it was.

The hockey media, especially the french side, lives off those kinds of things... creating controversy sells papers and gets their ratings up, that's all they care about.

It's like newspapers who write a sensational headline, but when you read the story it's not as important as it sounded. It sells papers.

The Janet Jackson breast was made out to be the story of the century when all it was... was a nipple that was on screen for about half a second. Then CNN and every other news show plays it on a loop for days, ironically saying how it should never be on TV.
Hypocritical, wrong... but it got their ratings up no doubt.

I'm just saying it's common place in today's media, it's just something we have to live with. And so we wait for the video, and then judge for ourselves.

The fact is Koivu as the veteran, and the captain, was totally in the wrong to mix it up with Ribs in practice... if the fans want to boo him once to tell him to start becoming a part of the solution instead of the problem which is what a captain is supposed to do... that's fine.
They're sick of all the stupid in-fighting... and have every right to be.

But the message has been passed, now they need to turn the page and everybody needs to support all the team as they keep battling for the playoffs.

The booing of Koivu better have been a 1 time thing, if some keep on doing it I expect they'll be drowned out pretty quickly... hopefully.
good post ! and when i look to the thread about the fight , i think that a lot of people did the same as rds , and turned it to a big mountain;it's incredible how much negative stuff has been said about Koivu or Ribeiro in this thread;accusing them of this and that , whitout having seen the video of the incident...

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