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Originally Posted by 2ForRoughing
By the way a guys like Dustin Penner or even perhaps a Trent Hunter are better comparisons for Backes than Cole and Doan. You guys overestimate Backes skill level, IMO. He's a 2nd tier support player, not a core top 6 forward like Doan and Cole.

It's how I see it, sorry. I'm not sure why you guys think I'm disparaging him. I'm not. I like him as a player. What's the deal with you folks? If I don't wet myself over a player then I have a bias against him? BS.
1. Hmmm... funny you should mention those two players, since Dustin Penner is younger, bigger, and has scored more goals than either of the two stiffs listed ahead of him on the depth chart at LW for one of the best clubs in the NHL, and, a pretty authoritative source, says Trent Hunter is a top six forward on a playoff team...

How do you explain this?

2. No one said you had to "wet yourself" over Backes, or any player. You're overreacting to legitimate, rational dispute over your point of view.

3. The facts, spelled out in great detail, indicate that Backes is on a development path similar to that followed by Erik Cole, and is equal to Cole, or indeed ahead of Cole in some aspects, on that path at this stage of his career.

If you consider Cole a legitimate top-6 forward on a Cup contender, then if Backes does indeed reach the upside that you admit he has, then Backes is every bit as much a legitimate top-6 forward on a Cup-contending team, because Backes' upside of 20-25 goals and 50-60 points per year is actually better on-average production than what Cole has accomplished in his NHL career to date.

It makes little sense to say, on the one hand, that a guy who has averaged 21 goals and 46 points per year in five NHL seasons is a legitimate top-6 player... and then to turn right around and say on the other hand that a guy who projects to be at least that productive at the NHL level -- based on his performance to date -- lacks the skill set and offensive instincts to ever be a legitimate top-6 forward on a Cup contender.


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