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04-18-2007, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by 2ForRoughing View Post
Whatever, Kimzey. Don't tell me what I'm "failing to take into account" because that's typically arrogant of you. It's getting old. You have no more insight into Blues players than anyone else, don't act like you do. Intangibles and all don't make Backes a legit top 6 forward on a team with depth. If he's in a top 6 role, your team lacks depth. Pretty simple. He's a support, not core, player.
It has nothing to do with insight into the Blues players. NOBODY can see the future its all guesswork and predictions. You tend to come off as an arrogant dipstick lately, is it so wrong for other people to have differing opinions from your own?

a simple "I disagree with your assessment will do, the childish attacks make you look foolish.

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