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04-18-2007, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by RUSqueelin View Post
why the heck is anyone comparing a group of 15 year old kids to a college team?
The point is at what age did the current NHL all stars surpass everyone in the league. It was not from birth. Its obviuos that the NCAA is older. So at what age did all these NHLers from the CHL surpass the older generations. It was not at 15. its going over the top to make a point. So the point is at at 21 vs 19. The average ages of a few teams. Is that 2 years difference alone makes a huge difference. The age difference alone. What a body can handle on its joints which = core strength. Experiance is self explanitory. That little bit of devolpment is huge. Enough to make a simple 2 year age difference a big deal. So when you toss in the same amount of drafted players x=x there. And 21>19 i do not know how that point is not getting across and instead is getting twisted.

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