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04-18-2007, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by VOB View Post

I am not comapring 15 year old prep players (Toews and Esposito were) to college are

Crosby at 16 could have easily played in the NCAA against 24 year old slugs from AA and done well.

The problem is that you do not have comparable talent in the NCAA to the CHL. You have a few stacked teams in maybe three conferences and then a huge drop off in depth.

The Soo Greyhounds this year could have easily played against LSSU, Ferris, B.G. Tech and even Northern Michigan....but then again you wouldn't know because you probably only saw one of those teams I mentioned.

Plymouth can easily play with MSU....again you wouldn't know because you have never seen Plymouth play and only saw MSU on T.V.

Go back to reading your glossy magazines in the bathroom and watch who you call an idiot goofer fan!
First off i apologize for calling you an idiot. That was wrong and it was uncalled for.

But we have gone through drafted players for drafted players. You have to tell me that the average CHL who is younger and undrafted. Is not only better than his older counterpart in the NCAA but is good enough to make up the age difference. That i cannot agree with. Expecially with the top NCAA teams. Its not like its 5 teams. I would call, BU, BC, NH, Maine, Mich, Mich St, MN, ND, DU, CC, WI, all premier programs. And the likes of SCSU, NotreDame, Clarkson, Mass, Miami all only a good string away from that list. ALmost 20 teams. Yes it is top heavy. But its not only a few teams.

But the really reason this will never go anywhere in the long run is the fans. If i was not pationate about my gophers. Paying sometimes 200% to a scalper for stading room only tickets. And many more fans. The prgram would look bad and the atmosphere would fade. Revenue would go down and the facilities would falter. Making it hard to entice talent. Just as you and many more come out and support juniors to make it appealing.

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