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04-18-2007, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by BLS View Post
Because many Yanks seem to need to compare apples to order to maintain the myth that their young ( mostly NCAA ) prospects are as good or better than our ( mostly CHL ) kids...

In truly Best on Best competitions, at the same age level, and likewise in terms of their NHL careers that Myth gets busted...time and again...

Yet they continue to argue the the face of all available the contrary
Its not the same age that is the point. Its when there is a very obvious age difference. The top NCAA teams can match any CHL team talent for talent. So the difference makers are the 2-4th lines and the 3-6 defensemen. Which are older, going by genetics they can hold more muscle mass. Making them stronger. People like to say the CHL is bigger. I'd much rather have a sub 6 foot 20 year old vs a 6 4 18 year old. Its a matter of body function at that point. The shorter older player is more coordinated and actually stronger. They can add mass faster, more strength and be able to applt it due to there limbs not growing. Add in the way the body burns calories vs a growing body vs a fully mature body and its clear.

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