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04-19-2007, 06:51 AM
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I don't know what team I would prefer.

I think its a advantage for us against both teams to start away. It will be against one of the big favorites, and all the pressure will be on them.

I am comfortable that we will do some damage against both teams, but they are diffrent kind of opponentes.

Ottawa is a more physical team, they can win games with their PP and PK. They got allot of experience in the PO's. I feel they are the type of team that could get us off our game plan, something I don't feel about many teams. I feel it could turn into a real low scoring series, were we would have a advantage in Lundqvist, but I wonder if thats enough.

Against Buffalo it would be a fight about momentum. Both teams loves hanging on to the puck, offense is the best defense ect. Which ever team managed to get on top will create allot of offense. I feel our defense is better then theirs, but they got more firepower. Against Buffalo I am a little afraid that we will be all JJ, and they will have the advantage in the rest of the matchup. But I defenitly think we got a chance against them. Their D aren't that good.

In the end I think I would prefer Buffalo. I think our odds to get on top right away are fairly good, and if we could do that its possible that we might get them off their gameplan. Something it will be impossible to do against Ottawa. At the same time, if Buffalo have the marginals on their side, they might jump ahead right away and never look back. We could be sweept. I really doubt it but its always risky to play against them, they got so much firepower.

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