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02-20-2004, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by p.l.f.
you make me sick savage
mainly because your comments are childish (maybe because you are a child?)
so is that stupid little teddy bear !

berg and klee both got hurt recently, and havent been as sharp since.
watch the games, klee is struggling taking guys out, and berg is looking behind on the play.
and if you havent seen that over the last few weeks it's because you've probaby been flicking channels watching gilligan's island

I'm 19 years old with a nice paying job and will be attending University next year so if that's a child in your eyes then feel free to continue to call me a child.

As said above, the "stupid little teddy bear" is our mascot. I would assume a fan would know that.

Gilligan's island? Is that even on TV anymore? Actually, I happen to watch the Leafs games. I also played AAA hockey for most of my childhood on defense and well that certainly doesn't qualify me as any sort of expert I know something about the position and how it's supposed to be played.

I'm not going to argue the play of both players back and forth with you because past expierences would dictate that people like you can not change there minds.

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