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Originally Posted by dave4 View Post
Never thought I'd say this, but count me in (except for the part about Perry Pearn...yuck).

I was on the Fire Renney bandwagon in January, and I was obviously very wrong. Same thing with Sather. I'm not sure how it happened, but Sather seems to have gone from non-factor to genius in three short months. I still think it's weird that almost to the day when Messier announced he wanted to be GM, Sather started making the moves of a brilliant GM, but whatever.

I don't care how it happened...I'm just glad that it did. Amazing job so far by Renney, Sather, Maloney, and all of the assistants that have gotten the Rangers to this point.

And to the people who said I (and a lot of other people) should get off Renney/Sather's were right.
Not to be the voice of doom and gloom here, but they have only won one round
of playoff hockey since Sather has been here...I think the lockout had more to do with the Ranger success (its not like all of those deadline trades in 03-04 brought the guys here that are the cornerstone of success)...I do like Renney and his staff, but let us not give Sather a pass for 7 years of misery, especially where the payroll was (or have you forgotten the signings of Bobby Holik, Kasaparitis, etc) ...when they reach a conference final, then I will reconsider

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