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02-20-2004, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Habber
Of the goalies above, Theo has the most games of only allowing a goal or less and in fact only allows 0 or 1 goals in almost half the games he plays.

So this tells me that Theo is the most consistent goalie in the league and is dominating on more nights than any other goalie. By only letting in a goal or less in 22 games, he has shown that he can win games by himself more than every other tender.

But doesn't this, in fact, highlight his inconsistency?? 22 games with less than one goal, and 14 with four or more? Consistency is defined as "reliability or uniformity of successive results or events"... these numbers suggest that while Jose can be dominant he lacks this trait night in night out. Tommy Salo's numbers are far more consistent than Jose's, yet I'd still take Jose any day

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