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04-20-2007, 12:02 AM
Sather Hater
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Originally Posted by wildone26 View Post
Holt will be the backup next season.
Weren't you the one saying Holt was better than Montoya and Lundqvist last year?? Are you related to Holt or something?

Holt has about a zero chance of being the back up in NY next year. He is probably 6th on the depth chart right now behind - Lundqvist, Weekes, Montoya, Valiquette, and Westlund.

You do realize the Montoya was an AHL All-Star last year (as a rookie) and his numbers are top 5 in the AHL this year. The only reason Valiquette was called up instead of Montoya was because they didn't want to have Montoya sitting on the bench watching Lundqvist when he can be playing in Hartford.

As for Weekes, I remember him being quoted as saying he was healthy and ready to go well before the playoffs started. It seems because he missed time Renney is more comfortable with Valiquette right now, he must think Valiquette is in better game shape, etc. Or they have lost complete faith in Weekes, or maybe there is something we don't know about the injury and the coaching staff is upset with him. He definitely has been practicing for a few weeks now.

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