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04-19-2007, 11:28 PM
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The original poster said that the Rangers need to keep winning for the league to survive. My reply simply stated that he's delusional if he believed that. (didn't catch the sarcasm, my bad)

IS it better for the league if the Rangers do well? Perhaps nominally, it wouldn't hurt, but it really won't move the needle. (Look at the Ranger ratings compared to any other sport - the creme of the locals is still an afterthought on the local sports landscape).

For the NHL to thrive, it needs STARS above and beyond everything. And even with the likes of Gretzky and Lemeuiex in their primes, the league was a distant 4th in terms of major sports.

The problem isn't that the major market teams are not winning. The problem may be that the league has way too many teams competing. How can you draw a national following to a sport that is so utterly fragmented?

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