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04-20-2007, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Wondercarrot View Post
i dont want to be a jerk here but you are supposed to a top scouting service and you are "still trying to confirm that Kane had wisdom teeth removed"??
Google "london knights" you should be able to find their contact information there, at that point if you dial the number and identify yourself as someone who could affect Kane's draft ranking im sure they could have provided you an anwser.
You make it sound as if some kind of research was required.
Wondercarrot, I'm the editor at ISS. PM me, send me an e-mail, or call me on the phone. It's me who answers.

I had not heard from any source, other than a poster here on Hockey's Future that Kane had his wisdom teeth removed. I do not claim to be an omniscient hockey guru nor do I pretend to be that. I have a lot on my plate and not enough time to do it. There will always be information that escapes my attention and I thank slade for bringing it to my attention.

Sure I could have called the Knights myself, but it wasn't me who said it would affect his spot in our rankings. A poster asked if it would affect it. Our scouts decide what the rankings are and they've been made aware of the information, if they didn't already have it. Whether it will have any affect on their decision making, is something that only they know.

you also thought "from memory" that Kane was 15 months older than Voracek which would in fact mean that Voracek would be ineligible for the draft....

I could understand if you were discussing a relatively unknown player from Uzbekistan but you are discussing 2 of the top 3 or 4 picks in a draft that is 2 months away, both of whom play in hockey mad Canadian leagues and have been high on the radar for quite some time.
We all make mistakes and I made one. I admitted it and I corrected it. I normally double-check all birthdates before I post them, but I didn't in that case and should have.

Is the ISS aware you are speaking for them?
Yes, they are. I speak with the Director of Scouting on a daily basis. He is aware I'm posting here and actually, it's a small part of my job.

I sincerely hope that this addresses any concerns you have. We take our credibility very seriously at ISS and I strive to be as forthright and polite with posters on the boards when they have concerns or disagreements with something we post. I think it's important to be that way on the board, for the sake of moving things forward, and for the others who have to read it.

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