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02-21-2004, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by AK-47
In a free country, you have the right to be a jerk. Besides, if the guy doesn't play up to par and doesn't show the qualities a captain should then he should be booed...

You can call me a jerk all you opinion stands and will continue to stand...

Calling people a jerk because they don't agree with your opinion is childish and if you ask me it's as bad as the people that booed koivu at the game...

By the way, I wouldn't boo koivu, but If others do then they have the right. We are in a free country.
a free country i agree with but there are limitations on what is and isnt allowed...

im gonna get seriously flamed and if the mods find this post too offensive and in need of deletion or whatever atleast please let me know instead of banning me because i only bring these up for the sake of examples and by no means are they my opinion or do i think its right or anything along those lines, let me also state these examples are an extreme and have no bearing on hockey but are important in the context of freedom of speech and only that ...

having made that disclaimer let me continue, first with the 2 examples and then with my explanation..
there have been many folks who wrongfully believe and contend that the holocaust never took place.. they have "literature" which "proves" what they believe "beyond a reasonable doubt" etc etc.. but when these folks try to convey their message and try to exert their "freedom of speech" they are usually kicked out of the country or silenced in some way, shape or form..
another example is "hate literature" that is essentially written or whatever by groups such as the KKK with their Pro-White propaganda and such, when this literature is passed out or going to passed out, governments and officials do EVERYTHING in their power to STOP it, even though its against the right to freedom of speech and expression..

now why do they do this? if you ask me, technically, governments (it happens both in canada and the states for the record) are breaking the rights to freedom of speech and expression as written in their respective constitutions yet they do it in this case because that right is being used in a way to fosters views that are blatantly wrong, if a player or team is booed for his actions on the ice or for comments such as Eric Lindross in respect to not playing for the Nords or Steve Francis and his pouting and not playing for the Vancouver Grizzlies then yes, they deserve it.. but if the player is booed for what appears to be a media driven smear campaign or for his nationality or something along those lines where the player has little to NO control over the reasons he is being booed.. then that is WRONG.. no, ifs ands or buts.. its wrong.. in the case of breezer, it was wrong if it hinged solely on jack todd's dislike for him, but <b>IF</b> the booing hinged on breezer's play, then by all means, as paying fans they have the right to show or prove they are upset, BUT at the same time, they should NOT expect the player to MAGICALLY play better because they BOOED him because, well if a player is struggling, his confidence is obviously going to be down and therefore fans booing him is only going to make the problem worst given that he is going to play scared of making the mistake that makes them boo him more and is in turn MORE LIKELY to make a mistake because he puts MORE pressure on himself to NOT make a mistake and makes them..
im sure theres plenty of studies that show that mistakes increase with the amount of pressure on a person to prove that..

in conclusion this is a free country and the fans do have the right to boo but they also have to have respect and show a) a little bit of decency b) common sense and most importantly c) intelligence.

i can go walk up and down the streets and boo random people but i'd just look like a jackass and no one would give a damn. well those people who booed saku looked like jackasses and managed to show they lack intelligence in doing so.. of course im sure not all booed because of a prior concieved dislike and planned it and were just being sheep but that doesnt matter.. the fact they let themselves be part of that mob is just disgusting and the fact that they booed is wrong.

and one final, final thing i'd like to mention since my examples from earlier arent of the best in taste i guess but i would like to state that i am Indo-canadian and im not anti-semite or anything (hell i'd go as far as to say the only thing im against is war, stupidity, hypocracy and hate amongst people) and once again i dont believe in either of those things i just tried to come up with 2 examples where freedom of speech and expression are for the most part not allowed (and rightfully so as far as im concerned considering those attempts of using those freedoms are basically creating hate mongering)

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