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04-20-2007, 01:09 PM
Only a 2 year window
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Originally Posted by ZaphodBeeblebrox View Post
We shouldn't overlook the kind act Walt did by agreeing to be traded to Atlanta. That being said, I believe he'll be wanting some sort of security for the remainder of his hockey career.

That or being in St. Louis for his family is more important he'll take the "hometown" discount.

1 Year contracts and that is all I hope we offer him. Because I'd rather not lock him down to 2-4 year contracts that lock him into a spot if any of our prospects need a spot. We are preparing for a team without him or Weight...I'd prefer to go without him so the reality of what this team will be will come sooner than later.
You mean sort of like the "kind act" the Blues did by paying him $21 million per playoff goal scored for us in 2003 and 2004? ($21 million to turn a 5-0 rout into a 6-0 rout in the game he scored).

Oh wait, we don't call him "Keith," we call him "Walt!" Of course he should come back!

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