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04-20-2007, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by handtrick View Post
One thing I have noticed as a change is that since there have been certain long time posters that are posting much less frequently than before, the rudder of logic and analysis has seemed to give way to more of emotional reaction and firebomb posting type techniques around here.

I have always been proud of the group of Pred posters we have had at HF, because as a group, we were always known as a fairly good, analytical, logical group as opposed to some other team's HF poster members as a whole.
Lately, however, the timber of this board has drifted to more of the reactionary,, type of discussions. Not that there is anything wrong with disagreeing with the coaches philosophy or what we are doing on the ice....but just the reactionary way it is often [though not always] discussed.

Just making an observation....not pointing any fingers....

I think...and offense to our new posters...

But I think we're getting a lot of younger fans...and fans that maybe haven't been around as long. As brutal as years 1-5 were for those of us that were around for did something to us on a psychological level. We're a little bit better equipped to deal with the ups and downs. We get angry\frustrated when things don't go our way...and we're happier than anyone in the world when they do go our way. The don't see posts like, "see, this is why we're the best team in the last 20 years" when we win and "ugh, well, hope you like our team, kansas city" when we lose.

I have noticed that some good posters aren't posting as much and that does bum me out...but on the other hand, some posters that weren't posting as much...Stranger, PredDave, name a few....have made a place on this board. The key is to just...know what to pay attention to and what to filter out


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