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02-21-2004, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Duster
You do make some valid points. Koivu doesn't have the talent of an Yzerman or Sakic. Nor does talent mean leadership. If teams with competent leadership can easily be spotted, what do you think of the Rangers with Mark Messier? Ron Francis and Carolina? What do you make of the Flyers?
As a former Whalers fan who tried to continue supporting the team for a little while when they were in Carolina, I believe strongly that Jim Rutherford is one of the worst general manager ever. Certainly the worst to have such a long tenure. I don't think they gave Ron Francis much to work with and yet, he brought that bunch of no-talents to the Stanley Cup finals once despite (with all due respect) being close to his expiration date.

Mark Messier's aura tarnished considerably when he left New-York the first time around.

Both cases are typical of what I have explained in another thread. I will find it for you because I believe humbly you will find that an interesting read and it may explain my position more clearly.

Originally Posted by Duster
Perhaps we can agree on this. Koivu's still one of the best players on ice for the Habs most nights and as the team captain, leads by example. As such, he certainly doesn't deserve to be booed by the fans or to be targeted by the media for non-hockey reasons.
He certainly is (great) and certainly didn't (deserved to be booed). On my ideal Habs team, Koivu would have the kind of leadership role supporting players have. He'd be a respected player who is not asked to do too much as is the case right now. Koivu is my favorite Hab (with Markov a close second) and remains a league-wide favorite of mine.

The booing culture in Montreal has taken a life of its own and it needs to stop. It probably won't. The last time I went to see the Habs live was before Gainey went public against the boo-birds. I find that the booing detracted from the experience greatly.

In the case of the Koivu incident, my first guess is that this will be a one-shot deal. Just some folks expressing their anger/disagreement over an incident. I will be very much disturbed if it keeps up. The one-shot deal I could live with. After seeing the incidents too many times to count, I do think it doesn't make Koivu look good.

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