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04-20-2007, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by oz615 View Post
you ain't lying bro,Where the hell is the sense of urgency,i mean were on the verge of elimination for Christ sakes.
Agreed, hereīs the ******* deal.

Nashville is down 1-3.

They have to win
They have homeince advantage
They have a more skilled team
They have a faster team
They should be more motivated (last chanse + homeice)
They do have the best playoff performer in modern time.

...and now...

They show no emotion.
They are slower than SJ in every way.
Forsberg hasnīt been visible except for taking a stupid penalty.
They canīt make or receive simple 10 feet passes.
They canīt dump & chase, wonīt work since theyre too slow getting it in the zone, and then even slower getting themselves in position.

Why the ĪĪĪĪ did I stay up to watch this piece of ****, Itīs friggin 04:00 here.

If they lose, I hope they lose 0-10.

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