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Originally Posted by bobbop View Post
Seems like a very interesting propoal and fair value...could happen. Of course, I have to caveat all that by saying I'm not exactly sure how good O'Mara is. I am in the move sooner than later school of thought on Montoya. Sometimes, great prospects lose their luster over time. Back when Frank Cshen was running the Mets they did a great job of hyping their prospects (anyone remember David West?) and then traded them at the peak of their value before they became journeyman major leaguers. No one knows better than the Rangers what they really have here. If Schoenfield is as smart as many think he is he's already told Sather and Maloney exactly what we are dealing with. And all of the early pulls indicate to me that Schoney may not be all that sold on Alvaro. It only takes one team to make a big trade and if the right offer comes along, I have no doubt the Rangers will, tomorrow or a year from now.
I take what Schoeny is doing with Montoya is tough love. Watching Montoya throughout his college career one of the things I was concerned about was his occassional lack of concentration. Some of the goals he would let in I felt stemmed from an obviously lack of concentration. I think he still must do that. I think Schoeny is teaching him an object lesson in concentration. You maintain your focus from the drop of the puck until the buzzer sounds to end the game. Whenever Schoeny sees him not keeping that focus and he starts badly he yanks him and he will keep yanking him until he masters the technique of keeping his focus. That my opinion.

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