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04-23-2007, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Wachovia Center View Post
Sticks are just preference. I personally like the feel of the composite stick, but a lot of people like the wood sticks. I think the feel is the most important part about choosing a stick. Composites do have other bonuses though, they let you shoot harder, and more accurately, just things like that. Nothing that's really going to improve your game too much, but every little thing helps. If you're just a beginner, I'd go with one of the cheaper composites, not anything like a Synergy or some of the Bauer XX and XXX models. Make sure you get the same curve if you like it, so, you'll probably want to check out some of the cheaper Bauer models. Try I've bought a lot of stuff they're and it's great.

As for pads, if you're just going to the stick and shoot sessions, go for something cheap, but if you're really serious about playing hockey, I'd save up and at least buy middle of the road pads. As for what brand it's personal preference. I like Easton and Bauer myself.
I second the hockeygiant referral and I'd stick with wood as composites are prone to shaft failures and not prudent for responsible budgets. I played twice a week 52 weeks and average about 4 sticks at $25 each . I change sticks usually when my slap shot weakens and not because of breaking.

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