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02-21-2004, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by flyercide
Look if you want to come on here and complain about the booing thats fine. But when you point the finger at all Flyer/Philadelphia fan's well than you have gone to far. For one it was a select group of fans that were at the Eagles draft lead by Angelo Cattaldi. Enough said about that...

Two, how the heck can you defend Burke suggesting it's the team & not him? Look at his friggen numbers since he's been here. .887 save percentage. No goalie survives in the NHL with under .900 save pctg for starters. Although not a great stat look at his GAA. Not to good there 3.41. So to suggest it's the team and not his actual play is just dum. A rookie played ten times better than him before his arrival.
Well put,and I humbly appologize to any fans I may have offended. As for the rookie,(Niittymaki,who everyone loves),do you remember a youngster named Robbie Moore? He looked like lightening in a bottle after a few great starts,then when the other teams scouted out his faults he was as pourous as Swiss cheese. He never regained his confidence and retired early. That is why Hitchcock and Clarke are keeping Nitty under wraps for now. They know they have someone special in him,but they don't want to burn him too early.

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