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04-23-2007, 10:55 PM
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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
Second pairing vs. 3/4 is semantics. The way I am using it it's the same thing. Obviously defensive pairings shift around over the course of a season and even a game. It's a term of convention. If Backman is your 2d best D-man you have a subpar D at the top. If he's your 3d/4th best Dman you have him plugged in right where he should be. That's it. That's what I mean. Is that clear?

What's odd about the word "metrics?" It's just a word that means what I intend it to mean - a process of measurement, the measuring conventions. And why is this controversial on this site? This is the site's convention, the nomenclature. So I use it. And why are you randomly capitalizing nouns like "Site" and "Metrics?" You know, they used to do that in ye olde days but if you're going to do it then you need to make all your lowercase s look like elongated thin fs too.

As for KGP, it's a defining part of your analysis. Look at what you're doing with Cajanek at this very moment in another thread. You always, always, always cherry pick data and situations and extrapolate those into the most optimistic scenario if it involves a Blues player or a Blues prediction. That's what you do. It's who you are and you should be yourself. It's ok - it's your niche and someone has to. But that doesn't mean the emperor has clothes either or that it shouldn't be pointed out. Your logical arguments are generally very well-built, IF the assumed facts you use to build the argument are true. You build good houses. You like to build them on sand. And don't bother responding re: Cajanek here; I read what you had to say in the other thread.
The capitalization, the use of the word "metrics", ... are you sure you're not taking this a little too seriously?

Cherry picking data, extrapolating accordingly, ... everyone does this. I do it, kimzey does it, P_B does it, other posters do it, coaches do it, GM's do it, ... it's not like kimzey is alone on this. Not hardly; not even close. If you disagree with him, fine - counter with some facts, don't just attack by claiming that it's just an example of " 'the Kimzey Gratuity Principle' where everything pro-Blues is inflated like a service tip" and think that's going to be sufficient.

Anyone can blandly dismiss someone else's comments like this ... kind of like how I can go to the main boards and see comments like "And this from a guy whose team gooned it up last night" or "And this from a guy whose team has Todd Bertuzzi." What does that have to do with the validity of the points raised, besides absolutely nothing? Go after the facts raised with counterexamples, make him work to justify his points.

That's what I'd do, and I have a hard-earned history here of repeatedly shredding someone's "facts" with counterexamples that render their points utterly and completely moot.

No promises this time.
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