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04-24-2007, 01:59 AM
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Originally Posted by danno2530 View Post
Are you serious?? THIS is our enemy for this series?? Seriously????? Wow.

Worst ads in general:
Heineken *****cat Dolls ad - Terrible band and even worse song. The new Pharrell ad isn't too great either.

Amex Ellen - How's everyone doing? *squeak* Me too! Now I want to run a few things by you...say you are a neat-freak...and forced to live with a.......pig. Oh you know what I mean, Francis, come's's just a.....term.

My life revolves around my card. My card is American Express.

The fact that I was able to quote that entire ****ing commercial tells you how often it's played.

Hip Earl the Pearl - I love Earl the Pearl for everything he's done for the Knicks..but I have to say that ad takes him down a bit. The only good part is when the chick takes the jump shot..for obvious reasons.

Quizno's - It's not lacking any meat...and that's what real women need! aHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. .sorry, this is quite annoying to see during a hockey game...or any time.

Garden State Brickface - Seriously..what is the budget on these ads, 10 bucks? They look like they are from 1988. Tom Emansky's defensive drills is better made.

Continental Airlines with that absolutely annoying piano music where they are taking things away from everyone. I think that music makes it especially annoying.

I do enjoy all Geico ads and Bobby Granger though, I'll admit.

Now that I have covered all of those ads, turn MSG on right now. I'm willing to bet at least one of them is currently on.

The fact that you know so much about the commercials says two things, One, you love the rangers and two, the commercials did their job... I mean, you hate half of them and they are annoying as ****.. but you know what product they are pushing and can almost recite them verbatim..

I'm not defending the commercials one bit and if I had my way I would never see most of them ever again, but the fact is they worked.....

Either that or were just pounded into our brains over 70+ games.....

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