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04-24-2007, 03:24 PM
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Good post, SC. Agreed on all counts.

The big difference I've noticed in the Sabres and the Preds is that they don't live(or attempt to live) solely off the rush\counterattack. We're both speed-oriented teams, but if you watch them...they use their speed to first gain the zone...and then they use their tenacity\skill(something we SHOULD have, in theory) to keep it there. On the other hand, our game is based off a fast transition\creating turnovers in our end. We streak down the ice, get our pass\shot off...and as soon as the puck is in the possession of the other team, we start skating back down waiting for their reprisal. It wasn't always that way...when we had the "grinder" teams of the early 2000s, we didn't HAVE that kind of speed\passing ability, so we HAD to make it miserable in their end. The result was that we lost games because of lack of skill\talent...rather than a system that's easily thwarted\no plan B for those instances.

I think, coming out of the lockout, David Poile and Barry Trotz foresaw a league where there'd be no obstruction, the neutral zone trap would be phased out, and a speed\passing game would be unstoppable. At times, it looked that way. But the game is slowing down again, and you have to have a contingency plan for those nights...and that's where I've seen little to go on from our coaching staff. The blame doesn't lie on just Trotz...even HT and P303, who might be the most ardent supporters they have at this point...have been quick to admit that our PP being in the lower half of the league is disgraceful given our personnel, and I know that falls more on Horachek.

At any rate, I just wanted to add a few things. I'm not one of the "FIRE TROTZ ZOMG HES TEH SUK" crowd, but from a philosophical standpoint, I've seen enough in the past couple of seasons that I *know,* as someone that's coached hockey, traces back to coaching\leadership.


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