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04-24-2007, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by ShadowOni View Post
Avery was a great acquisition for the Rangers, they needed a player like him I think.
He's a player everybody hates until he's on your team.

However I don't like the quote 'I'm going to hurt them.' Though I hope he doesn't mean that in a sense in that he's going to try and injure our players who knows...
Chris Neil was quoted something similar earlier this year, saying his job was to hurt people. I generally like to think that on these quotes Neil and Avery don't mean they literally want to hurt/injure players as much as just hit players hard but who knows really... I think sometimes they need to give more thought to what they say...

Anyhow, I am sure all of our players are aware of Avery, I don't know if that means he is getting into their heads (Miller talking about Avery).,The Sabres are aware of him because he is a new addition to the Rangers we have not played against and well his game is noticeable. As Miller said the Sabres are aware of him and what he brings and probably have gone over the idea of not retaliating against him and trying to draw him into penalties. If you want to call that getting into somebody's head or just a team being aware and gameplanning for a specific type of player that's your perogative. My experience in sports is that if you gameplan for somebody that is just being smart, because if you try to ignore him and are unprepared that's just silly.
That'd be like saying your team is not going to worry about Max Afinogenov and his speed, because you don't want that to get into your heads... or something such along those lines...

Well anyhow I'd wish you guys luck in the series but uhm... well you know.
Here's to a good clean series.
He's not saying he wants to physically injure them. Avery is not a dumb person; this is quite calculated.

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