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02-22-2004, 11:00 AM
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Guys, the booing from Thursday was mentionned on TSN, I imagine a few Leaf fans were having some fun. Rivet came in to Zednik's aid, took an elbow to the schnozz and lost his temper and gave a pretty good account of himself. Calling him a Lion Heart is a stretch but surmising that he will only defend himself or his buddy is, well, thank you Dr.G-Man. BTW, where were you the day Rivet made the decision you refer to ? Lunch with Craig at Magnan's maybe ? What the hell are you talking about ? I thought Zednik was as bad as an NHL winger could be tonight, and Bullis wasn't far behind despite his 2 points. Let's face it Koivu/Ribeiro against Sundin/Nieuwendyk[however the hell you spell his name] doesn't work out to well for us. Funny though because our smaller centers seem to play well against Philly, who have a similar lineup. I think Sundin's mobility when added to his size makes him a problem that we haven'y solved yet. When Komi is playing well, he reacts, when he isn't he seems to stop, think, and react. That doesn't work against the good forechecking teams. I didn't think Garon was paticularly weak on any of the goals, but when youer team comes out flat, sometimes you have to keep them in it until they can right themselves.

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